‘I hate you!’: Girl’s mean Mother’s Day card goes viral

Is this the meanest mother’s day card? Photo via HKGolden.

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, time to make those last-minute restaurant reservations, buy some flowers, and write up that card filled with love and praise for the woman responsible for giving you life.

Or you could just tear your mum a new one with a message full of brutal criticism, like this little girl whose mean-spirited mother’s day card has gone viral.

“To my vicious mother,” she begins, according to a photo of the card,  which originally appeared on a Facebook group for parents to talk about the amount of homework their children get according to HK01.

“Every day you tell me to revise and it annoys me to death. I hate you! Wishing you a sad mother’s day. Your daughter.”

One of the group’s members reportedly spotted a card in Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, and posted a photo of it under the caption: “Her mum will be devastated when she sees this!”

Photo via HKGolden.

Just in case anyone was in any doubt as to whether or not the kid was sincere, she drew an angry face and stamped the words “hate” in English, and signed her own name underneath it, Wan Kiu-sheung. She did, however, add a couple of hearts on it so that’s nice.

A lot of parents weighed in wondering if studying was more important a child’s happiness, while others expressed concern that the kid who wrote the card might have depression.

The card, however, struck a chord with many parents in Hong Kong concerned with the ever-increasing homework load burdening the city’s children.

“I myself tell my daughter to revise every day,” said one netizen.

“If she doesn’t I don’t know what will happen in the future, if I let her be she won’t do it, it’s hard being a parent.”

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