Hot weather excepted to dip over the weekend

As Hong Kong swelters through a record-breaking heat wave, it’s becoming necessary to find more inventive ways of answering the question: how hot is it?

While the Hong Kong Observatory currently lists the temperature at 31.6 degrees celsius, local news organizations, armed with the necessary equipment, have ventured out into the city, to narrow things down a little.

According to HK01, the temperature your rear-end will experience should you decide to ride one of the city’s shared bicycles is 50 degrees Celsius.

That, according to HK01, was how hot one of the bike’s seats were yesterday.

Meanwhile, down at Repulse Bay beach, where many have flocked for a cooling dip, the sand was about 47 degrees Celsius.

With the same idea in mind, Apple Daily headed to two different playgrounds in Wong Ti Sin, where they found temperatures on one of the park’s apparatus exceeding 73 degrees Celsius.

Hong Kong has endured two weeks of maximum temperatures above 33 degrees, according to the observatory.

The maximum temperature during the day today will be around 35 degrees in urban areas and a couple of degrees higher in the New Territories.

Via the Hong Kong Observatory

The weather service expects the hot weather to dip somewhat as showers arrive on the weekend.

The hot weather warning remains in force.

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