Hong Kong man arrested over 28-year-old girlfriend’s homicide

Fu Heng Estate. Photo (for illustration): Wikipedia

A 42-year-old man has been arrested over the brutal homicide of his 28-year-old girlfriend.

At around 1:44pm yesterday, police received a report from the man, surnamed Hui, that his girlfriend, surnamed Tse, had collapsed at their home. Upon arriving at their apartment in Heng Lung House, on Fu Heng Estate, officers found Tse in bed, nude, unconscious, and sustaining multiple serious injuries to her head and limbs.

She was rushed to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital, where she was certified dead at 2:21pm.

HK01 reports that Hui had got into an emotional dispute with Tse and attacked her with a hard object. He has been arrested and is being detained for further enquiries. Police seized a screwdriver, curling iron, hammer, and bed sheets from the crime scene as evidence.

Tse’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed, pending post-mortem examinations. She is survived by her son and daughter from a previous marriage.

Sources from Heng Lung House told HK01 that the pair had a history of drug addiction and were prone to having loud arguments late at night. Tse was reportedly found unconscious and half-naked in the building’s communal stairwell 10 days ago.

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