Hong Kong elderly poverty rates 95th out of 97 in the world, survey finds

A survey conducted by the Institute of Ageing in the Chinese University of Hong Kong ranks us 95th out of 97 countries/territories for the number of elderly people living in poverty. 

Oh, so that’s why they all go around picking rubbish out of bins. We thought they just enjoyed it!

The survey consisted of 13 indicators spread across four domains – income security, health status, capability, and enabling environment of older people. 

Through the Global AgeWatch Index, which measures elderly wellbeing across the globe, Hong Kong ranks 60th overall in pension income, 95th in poverty, and 91st in welfare, bringing the combined wellbeing ranking to 24th thanks to higher scores in areas such as health status and enabling environment.  

We’re assuming that refers to those old people exercise parks that must make such a difference when you can’t afford a membership at Pure.

In a press release published by the institute, researchers urged the government to improve elderly welfare and ensure retired Hongkongers have stable incomes. 

Institute director Prof. Jean Woo noted that while Hong Kong performed well in some areas, there is room for improvement in terms of the psychological and social conditions. 

Photo: Michael Leung via Flickr

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