Hong Kong bus needles case: police arrest suspect

Picture via Facebook (Rick Yuen‎馬鞍山之友)

Police have made an arrest in the hunt for the culprit who has been sticking needles into Hong Kong bus seats.

Speaking to reporters this evening, superintendent Chan Yan said they arrested a 30-year-old man at his apartment in Tsing Yi at around 11pm last night.

Chan said the suspect is believed to have stuck needles on three buses — the 41A, 48X, and 81 buses, where needles were discovered by passengers between June 27 and 28 — and has not ruled out further arrests.

Police carried out a search of the suspect’s apartment, where they found seven sewing needles, four of which were the same length of those found on the buses.

He added that the motive of the culprit is “related to grievances he has with the bus services” and that this may be because of buses refusing to stop for him at bus stops he is waiting at.

Passengers have reported at least six cases of needles embedded in seats, all on KMB buses, over the past week. At least two passengers sustained injuries. The police have been reviewing CCTV footage from KMB.

There have also been 11 reports of seat slashings on KMB buses, which the suspect is not being linked to at this time.

In a similarly strange case, a 60-year-old man was charged for sticking toothpicks into bus seats in Singapore last year.

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