Hogging attention: Clip of gigantic wild boar bin diving in Hong Kong goes international

Meet the “Emperor of Wild Boars,” a pig of gigantic proportions that was filmed bin diving in Hong Kong last month, according to the Facebook user who posted the now-viral clip.

Uploaded a week ago, the four-second video, viewed more than 415,000 times, shows the giant beast standing on its hind legs and trying to free a trash bag from a dumpster, as three piglets wait eagerly nearby. Honestly, we’re not sure if the term “piglets” really applies here as they are more than big enough to give us pause if we came across them in a dark alley.

According to the Facebook user who posted the clip, who gave his name as Tu, the hog was spotted by his brother on Jan. 20 near a rubbish collection point in Yuen Long.

“He was driving around and saw the wild boar eating from a rubbish bin, so he stopped to film it,” Tu said, via phone.

“Hong Kong has a lot of wild boars, but this is the first time I’ve seen one that big “

One sharp-eyed observer online, however, later pointed out that the signs and landscape in the background suggested the boar was actually on Hong Kong island, near the Victoria Peak Fire Station.

We’ve reached out to Tu to clarify.

The video, captioned “wild boar emperor,” has since has caught the attention of a few international outlets, you know, reputable places like the Daily Mail, which dubbed the animal “Pigzilla” while wrongly reporting the “terrifying moment” happened “just meters from a school.”

The boar was no where near a school, said Tu previously.

As readers of this humble website will no doubt know, wild boars are common in the hills around Hong Kong and often venture into the city in search of food.

Authorities often intervene to keep people safe, like on Halloween, when they escorted a pretty hefty hog home; or last month when they tranquillized a wandering boar in Tsuen Wan.

We’re not sure, however, whether Hong Kong stocks enough tranquilizer to subdue this one.

Seriously, look at that boar; it’s friggin’ massive!

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