Hiker rescued after falling down cliffside and getting trapped overnight

Screenshot via Google Maps.

In a hiking accident story with thankfully a positive outcome, a 40-year-old woman was rescued this morning after falling down the side of a cliff while trekking alone in Ma On Shan yesterday.

According to on.cc, a group of hikers walking along the Ma On Shan country park trail at around 8am this morning called emergency services after spotting some items on the hillside, suspecting that someone had possibly fallen down the cliffside.

Police and firefighters arrived at the scene, and found the 40-year-old woman an hour later.

The news outlet reports that the woman — who went out for a hike on her own yesterday — had fallen 30 meters, was conscious when found by emergency services, and had sustained injuries to her arms and legs.

The news comes after the government announced last month that the number of hiking deaths had doubled to 15 in 2017 from 7 in 2016.

These deaths included that of a 69-year-old village head who slipped down the side of “dog teeth range” in Lantau — which is known as one of the city’s most challenging trails — and a 48-year-old woman who fell after losing her footing on Kowloon Peak’s “suicide cliff.”

In January, the government published a list of 16 accident “black spots” or “high risk locations” where accidents and fatalities have occurred, which included the Tiu Shau Ngam area in the Ma On Shan Country Park.

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