Hanging out: HK construction worker dangles 5m in the air after crane mishap (video)

A screengrab via YouTube of the worker dangling from a crane at a construction site in Tseung Kwan O

A construction worker was left dangling in mid air over the weekend after getting his feet tangled in a rope tethered to a crane lifting bamboo poles.

Initially the incident was thought to be an accident though later reports suggested the man was a scaffolding worker attempting to hitch a ride with the cargo, which was destined for the 30th floor, according to Headline Daily.

The mishap, caught on camera, happened at a Lohas Park construction site in Tseung Kwan O on Saturday, according to HK01.

Video showing the man swaying about five meters above the ground as coworkers rush to help went viral on social media.

According to a worker who spoke to The Standard: “The scaffolding guy tried to lift himself up too. Many people asked him to stop”.

The source, who reportedly uploaded the video, criticized his co-worker for “playing pranks”, The Standard wrote.

Construction industry figures, needless to say, weren’t impressed.

Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees’ General Union chairman Chow Luen Kiu told The Standard that if the scaffolding worker had deliberately tethered himself to the crane, he should shoulder the blame for putting himself at risk.

Either way, the signal operator for the crane, should have been responsible for safety during lifting operations.

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