Gudetama, the lazy egg, spotted running HK marathon

Photo via Apple Daily.
Photo via Apple Daily.

It’s mid-January, which means that this is roughly the time where everyone who pledged in their new year’s resolution to be healthy and active suddenly says “I can’t be bothered anymore”.

But if we learnt anything this weekend, even the laziest souls can be inspired to be active, including Gudetama, a lazy egg yolk cartoon character who was spotted crossing the finish line in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on Sunday.   

The famous lethargic egg — created by the company that created Hello Kitty, Sanrio — was among more than 62,000 people who took part in the marathon on Sunday, the SCMP reported.

Gudetama even had time to speak to one or two journalists after completing the marathon.

In a video posted by, one person on a microphone can be heard cheering: “go Gudetama!”

But Gudetama was not the only fun character to turn up, photographers from hk01 snapped  others including Super Mario Bros, a dinosaur, a shark, and Kumamon a black bear and mascot that represents the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan.

If Gudetama can go from this (see video below) to completing a marathon, then anything is possible

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