Google Translate working on adding Cantonese, needs your help!

Google Translate is working on adding the notoriously difficult and colloquial Cantonese to its list of supported languages, and the tech behemoth still needs real humans’ help before its algorithms and robots can translate Cantonese into Maltese or Yoruba. 

The way it works is that you sign up to join the Google Translate Community, select English and Cantonese as languages you’re fluent in (only if you are, of course!) and they’ll ask you to help them translate some phrases, or to rate translations. 

The translation engine is also working on Luxembourgish, Hawaiian and Tatar (a Turkic language) among others so if you happen to a native speaker of these less common languages, sign up to be a part of their community! 

H/T Redditor sscanf

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