Food additives passed off as real food

Local media found that many packaged foods in the supermarket are actually additives passed off as real food — for example, white vinegar made entirely of chemicals, brown sugar that’s actually dyed sugar, vegetable oils disguised as cream, and hot pot soup packets that’s almost completely made-up of MSG.

A look at the Little Sheep brand hot pot pack which sells for HK$26.9 in supermarkets consists of a large packet of MSG, a packet of oil, a few pieces of wolfberries and fermented soybeans, canola oil, salt, and the flavours E621 and E535.

Nutritionists say that long-term consumption of additives can lead to serious health damage, particularly for children and the elderly.

Next time you hit the supermarket, load your cart with goodies from the fresh produce aisles instead. At least there won’t be any food additives in there (we hope).

Source: Apple Daily

Photo: Benson Kua, Flickr

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