Elevator malfunction: Lift hurtles into top of building, seriously injuring couple

A husband and wife are in a critical condition after an elevator malfunctioned, shot up rapidly and crashed into the top of its 46-story building.

According to reports, the bizarre and terrifying accident occurred about 4pm yesterday at the Waterside Plaza, which is on Wing Shun Street in Tsuen Wan.

The couple, both aged 32, entered a lift on the ground floor with another passenger, who exited exited at a lower floor, reported Ming Pao.

As the pair continued their ascent, the elevator began to rise quickly. Failing to stop, it crashed into the top of the shaft.

The impact severely damaged the lift compartment’s ceiling and left the couple trapped. Firefighters eventually managed to rescue the pair, who were taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in Kwai Chung with head and neck injuries and are in a critical condition, reported Apple Daily.

According to the reports, engineers from the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department are now investigating the reason behind the malfunction. Initial inspections have found the elevator’s cable is still intact. Ming Pao reported that another building in the estate had experienced an elevator malfunction in recent years.

According to the SCMP, the estate, opened in 1991, is run by the Sino Group. A spokesperson for the company told the newspaper it was cooperating with authorities and would also arrange a contractor to thoroughly examine the lift.

*A previous version of this story stated the height of the building incorrectly. It is 46 stories high, not 42. 

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