Drug dealer stabbed in park in suspected triad gang attack that lasted 20 seconds

(Right) A drug dealer and member of the Sun Yee On triad gang (the man on the far right) with two men posing as people who want to buy drugs from him, seconds later he is chased into a corner (left) and is attacked by the two men and a third man who runs onto the scene shortly after. Screengrabn via Apple Daily video.

Police are on the hunt for a group of masked men who were caught on camera stabbing a man in a park in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The victim, a 25-year-old man surnamed Wong, was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in serious condition after sustaining knife wounds to his head, ears, hands, chest, back and feet.

Apple Daily reports that Wong is a drug dealer and a member of the Sun Yee On triad gang, who went to a public park near the Kwai Shing Circuit at 1am on Wednesday to sell some drugs to three men.

The newspaper cited unnamed sources who say the three attackers were hired by Wong’s triad bosses to teach him a lesson, because they suspected he stole about HK$100,000 (US$12,800) worth of drugs from them.

On Wednesday morning, the three attackers, posing as buyers, got out of a dark Volkswagen car and two of the three men walked with Wong into a sheltered area in the park with a lot of hedges and benches.

Cellphone footage published on HK01 last night — which some readers may find upsetting — shows the moment the third hired attacker run towards Wong from behind.

In the video, Wong tries to escape but the three attackers catch up with him and start to punch and kick him. At least one man can be seen in the video slashing at the victim with a long-bladed knife.

The attack lasted about 20 seconds, after which the three men fled the scene in the Volkswagen they arrived in.

Wong was still conscious after the attack was over, and went to the nearby Kwai Shing West housing estate for help.

Police cordoned off the area and seized from the scene a blood-covered jacket, a string of Buddhist prayer beads, a sleeve used to cover a knife, and a briefcase containing a small amount of heroin.

The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made yet.

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