Domestic helper questioned by police after live streaming herself bathing three children

Domestic helpers sitting outside Hong Kong City Hall on a Sunday, the only day they get off work. Photo (for illustration): Myriam Tsen-Kung/Coconuts Media

Police in North Point are questioning a 28-year-old Indonesian domestic helper after she uploaded a video of her live-streaming herself bathing her employer’s children.

The woman, known only as Cinta, posted the 17-minute video online onto her Facebook account on Friday. Around 700 people watched the video before it was removed a few days later, the Hong Kong Economic Times reported.

In an edited version of the video — that was republished by with the faces and naked bodies of the three children blurred — one of the boys can be seen urinating into the bath tub and Cinta can be seen playing with the children, telling them “I love you”. The children even hug Cinta and laugh with her.

At one point, the website reported that one of the children, a boy, said: “What are you doing? Please don’t film me,” to which Cinta replied “I’m not.”

The children are believed to be between 6 to 8-years-old.

News of the video angered netizens who criticised Cinta for exposing the children in her care.

Joan Tsui, the convener of the Support Group for HK Employers with Foreign Domestic Workers, said Cinta should be fired, suggesting she may have committed the offence of accessing a computer with criminal or dishonest intent.

Albert Luk, a practising barrister interviewed by, said because the film showed the private parts of the children, this could constitute the crime of publishing child pornography.

According to the Prevention of Child Pornography Ordinance, anyone who publishes child pornography can get up to three years in prison and a HK$1 million fine, or eight years in prison and a HK$2 million fine for more serious cases.

In comments published by, Tsui explained that when employers hire foreign domestic helpers, they are advised to make it clear and sign an agreement that they are not allowed to take photos of the family.

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