Homeward bound? Lost dog boards MTR train to hide from thunderstorm

Photo via Facebook/MTR.
Photo via Facebook/MTR.

MTR passengers and staff found themselves asking who, indeed, is a good boy after a lost dog sought shelter from heavy rain inside a Hong Kong MTR carriage late last night.

According to HK01, one of its reporters happened to be taking a West Rail line train from Tsuen Wan West towards Hung Hom a bit before midnight when he noticed the large brown mutt, soaking wet, sitting inside the train carriage.

A few other passengers on the train told the reporter that the dog had gotten on one stop earlier, at Kam Sheung Road station, and was likely hiding out from last night’s thunderstorm, which saw the Hong Kong Observatory raise an amber rainstorm warning.

肥狗黃雨走上西鐵 …

香港動物報发布于 2019年5月20日周一


Station staff got on the train at Mei Foo and Nam Cheong stations in a bid to try and herd the dog out of the train using blue plastic partitions.

They weren’t particularly successful.

Video posted by HK01 shows at least four members of station staff chasing the perplexed pooch as it runs in and out of the train carriage.

The video then cuts to the dog hiding underneath a seat while a female member of station staff pats it and gently tries to pull it out, telling the others “it won’t move,” and “it’s so heavy.”

The outlet reports that other passengers stepped in to help comfort the dog, which eventually got off of the train when it pulled into Austin MTR station.

An MTR Corp spokesperson confirmed that they were informed that the dog had walked onto one of their trains at around 11:45pm.

Hong Kong Animal Post, an animal rights-focused website, posted on Facebook this morning that the SPCA took in the dog last night. The dog, as it turned out, had been microchipped, and its owner had been contacted to come and retrieve it.

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