Demosisto website hacked with ‘pro-China’ message

Demosisto website hacked with ‘patriotic’ message PHOTO: Twitter/Demosisto

Demosisto, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy political party, announced on Saturday that their website was hacked to reflect a “pro-China message.”

“Our website is hacked with fabricated ‘patriotic’ messages. We condemn such uncivilised action,” Demosisto tweeted.

Aside from the cartoon of Demosisto secretary general Joshua Wong Chi-fung, the hacked message includes a list of “things to be proud of” and “things to be ashamed of”, which includes “harming your country.”

Demosisto, who consistently carried a message encouraging “self-determination”, has been hacked in the past. This recent cyberattack came just weeks after two of its leaders — Wong and chairman Nathan Law Kwun-chung — were arrested.

By Saturday afternoon, Demosisto issued another statement via Facebook.

It reads: “The website of Demosisto was intruded by hackers today (9/9), resulting in a halt to the website, with its content fabricated to patriotic contents. Technicians are working on the recovery of website.

Demosisto has been attacked by organised hackers in the past. We condemn such uncivilised action in conspiratorially seizing ownership of information. Demosisto shall restate that Hong Kong is marching into the an authoritarian government with the cooperation between three powers because of the forceful interpretation of the law by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress last year, which resulted in the disqualification of elected legislative members and the deprivation of the rights of over 180 thousand voters. Hackers forging Demosisto members as supporters for the interpretation of the law is indeed an ignorant operation of the nationalistic mobilisation.”

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