Coconuts Hong Kong chats to the Supreme Leader of the South Stand

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, you’ll have seen the madness that was Saturday at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. And if you’ve seen that, you’ll almost definitely have seen the photos of Kim Jong-un chugging beer like only the Supreme Leader can, and the subsequent viral Photoshop battle

Coconuts Hong Kong scored an interview with this undeniable winner of the South Stand costume competition, Jeremy (last name omitted for his own safety) and asked him about the outfit, the pulling power of a dictator, and his version of life after Sevens.

While so many of us painfully obsess over what to wear for Hong Kong’s biggest party, Jeremy’s choice was obvious.

“The costume idea came from a horrible haircut I had last year. Due to my sub-par Chinese, the barber gave me a haircut that I was… not expecting.”

Thankfully there was a silver lining to this disaster, as his friends saw the resemblance right away. Sevens was sorted.

Jeremy attended the event as any self-respecting Kim Jong-un would: surrounded by guards. In total, there were 60 generals, one dictator and one Dennis Rodman, who, rumour has it, was recruited on a night out.

Obviously the leader wouldn’t go to a sporting event without his professional basketball BFF!

The now infamous picture of Kim/Jeremy chugging beer in the South Stand (see photo by Redditor ShowmetheP below) was snapped after encouragement from the crowd.

“There were at least 200 people chanting for me to down it, but I long armed it instead – it’s less intense but more visually impressive,” explained Jeremy.

How right he was. Jeremy is now everywhere, including the SCMP, the Lad Bible and, of course, Reddit, where the ensuing Photoshop battle became one of their top stories yesterday.

The word on the street is that James Franco, North Korea’s number-one fan (and star of controversial film “The Interview”), even got in on the lovin’, and retweeted a photo, although we can’t find any evidence of that on his feed.

Who cares about that B-List celebrity anyway? We only have eyes for the Supreme Leader of the South Stand.

When asked about his game this weekend, the dictator laughed, “What can I say? Ladies love the Supreme Leader!”

According to an interview he gave to the SCMP, Jeremy pulled 40 girls over the weekend!

Not bad for a chubby guy with an undercut.

Our guess is there’s at least one woman out there who thinks she got with the actual leader of South Korea… or Psy, as many of the Redditors thought the man behind the costume could be.

The Psy edit (Staffell)

While most of us returned to our normal, boring lives on Monday, Jeremy came back to something way more fun: “My social media has gone crazy! My phone is constantly vibrating and my job is convinced I’m not doing any work!”

Sadly, he doesn’t have any plans to reprise his role, at least not soon anyway. “My work doesn’t like to be shocked too much!”

For now he’s just focusing on growing out his new hair, and hoping that people on the street think he’s a hipster instead of a dictator on holiday.

Jeremy wanted to send a shout out to his generals for keeping him safe in the stands and making the whole weekend a massive success.

Well done all round, we say. Kim Jong-un (this guy, not that guy) forever!

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