Chow Tai Fook flack resigns after inflammatory sexual assault comments

That was quick.

Joanna Kot, the Chow Tai Fook deputy head of public relations and media, has resigned from the jewellery chain after making comments on Facebook that mocked Occupy Hong Kong sexual assault victims.

“Kot has resigned and taken responsibility for her knee-jerk response [to the victims of sexual assault in the protests] on social media,” a Chow Tai Fook spokesperson told website Marketing Interactive for an article published less than an hour ago.

Kot’s inflammatory posts on Facebook were as follows:

“Assaulted? It’s late by a few days already! You all saw it! If there’s a problem, you [protesters] want the police, if there’s no problem you say they are bad guys. If you’re all that, then leave by yourself. Citizens of Mong Kok are only repaying you in the same way.”

“Molested? Remember not to report to the police; revolution requires sacrifice, fighting for democracy is above the law.

“Those anti-Occupiers are ‘peacefully’ molesting you. You should be understanding! LOL!”

She has since deleted her Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

The comments caused a massive outcry online, with many calling for a boycott of Chow Tai Fook.

Before Kot’s resignation, Chow Tai Fook had made a statement on its Facebook page distancing the company from her remarks:

It is with much regret that the words posted by one of our staff members on her personal Facebook account have aroused discontent among members of the public.

We hereby clarify that any individual staff’s personal words and opinions have no relation with the company and do not represent the company’s stand. Your attention and understanding are much appreciated.”

Watch the Coconuts TV report on sexual assault at the Occupy Hong Kong protests here: 


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