China Files: Man walks up to unsuspecting woman on a bridge, throws her off the side (video)

Footage of the incident. Screen grab via Weibo
Footage of the incident. Screen grab via Weibo

Oh God.

In what may be the most cruel and bizarre video we’ve seen of late, footage of a passerby approaching a random woman on a bridge and abruptly throwing her over the side is going viral on Chinese social media.

According to the website, Guangxi Daily — who posted surveillance video of the incident on their Weibo page — the incident took place in Nanning on Tuesday, October 2.

In it, a man dressed in black can be seen walking on the bridge’s pedestrian section where, in the distance, a young woman is resting against the guard rail and looking out to the Yong River below.

Without seemingly any warning, he suddenly heads toward her and hoists her by the legs and buttocks over the railing before continuing his walk.

The incident was reported to the Nanning Qingxiu police station around 7pm.

Officers responding found the man had been caught and restrained by a group at the scene. The suspect was then arrested.

The victim, a 19-year-old surnamed Wei, was rescued with the help of bystanders and taken to a local hospital. Whats on Weibo, reported she suffered injuries to her waist and spine but was not in a critical condition.

She spoke to a local television station, unsurprisingly expressing her disbelief and difficulty in coming to terms with the attacker’s actions.

Mainland netizens left comments underneath the video saying that after watching the video they were now too scared to cross the bridge.

Others said the suspect should be severely punished for attempted murder, with some going as far to say that he should receive the death penalty.

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