Hong Kong girl wins hearts with Celine Dion cover on America’s Got Talent, audition goes viral

Screenshot: America’s Got Talent via Youtube

A tiny Hong Kong girl with a huge voice has become a household name overnight after her incredible audition for an American talent show went viral.

It seems like nine-year-old Celine Tam is all anyone can talk about both here and in the United States after she blew audiences away with her rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” on America’s Got Talent.

From the moment Tam walked on stage, it was clear the audience was smitten with her — and that’s before she even revealed that both she and her sister Dion are named after Celine Dion (real puzzler, that one) or hit one of many stunning high notes.

Based on the standing ovation and rapturous applause that Tam received, it looks like she’s won everyone over — even the notoriously hard-to-please judge, Simon Cowell.

The footage of Tam’s audition, which has been watched over seven million times since it was uploaded on Friday, is currently the number one trending video on Youtube.

This isn’t the first time Tam’s had a taste of internet stardom, however. The young chanteuse has garnered a faithful fanbase online thanks to her dad Steve’s Youtube channel, which hosts father-daughter duets of classics like “Top of the World” and “You Raise Me Up“, as well as covers of modern pop hits:

According to her father, Celine’s been singing in public since performing in local school competition ESF Got Talent at the age of four. In recent years, she’s performed at the opening of Hong Kong broadcasting giant ATV’s annual ceremony, and entered competitions like Britain’s Got Talent and China’s Got Talent. (At this point, it seems pretty obvious that she’s got talent.)

It looks like Hong Kong netizens just can’t get enough of Tam — the comments sections for her audition coverage have been flooded with messages like “You are the pride of Hong Kong! Ga yau (“add oil”, a.k.a. good luck/keep going), we will always support you!” and dubbing her “Hong Kong’s star”.

Having said that, we won’t find out if the young singer’s progressed to the next stage of America’s Got Talent until Tuesday’s episode airs. Good luck, Celine!

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