Lip-lock-alypse UPDATE: Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng breaks silence over make-out scandal

Sammi Cheng breaks her silence after her husband was caught on camera cheating on her. Photos via Instagram/ Sammi Cheng.
Sammi Cheng breaks her silence after her husband was caught on camera cheating on her. Photos via Instagram/ Sammi Cheng.

Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng has finally broken her silence days after her husband, fellow pop star Andy Hui, was caught on camera making out with a younger actress in the back seat of a car, posting on Instagram that “Love never gives up.”

The make-out sesh in question — which took place between Hui and TV actress Jacqueline Wong, and was captured by a hidden camera — has thrown Hong Kong into a veritable frenzy due, in no small part, to the widespread perception of Cheng and Hui’s marriage as a fairy-tale romance decades in the making.  Cheng had stayed silent since the video went public on Tuesday, and local outlets reported that she has since moved out of the couple’s Repulse Bay home.

Late this afternoon, however, Cheng posted to Instagram a Bible passage that reads: “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.” She went on to add that she and Hui have talked about the incident, and that marriage is about accepting the good and the bad, saying she’s effectively forgiven him.

Screenshot via Instagram/Sammi Cheng.
Screenshot via Instagram/Sammi Cheng.


“This is an important lesson in our marriage. We’ve both experienced many emotional ups and downs together, and we also talked about the event in depth for a long time,” she wrote. “This is a lesson between husband and wife, and a lesson to be learnt in future in our marriage. Marriage isn’t just about mutual happiness and joy, but also about forgiving each other’s mistakes.”

Cheng added that her faith had helped her cope with ordeal, and that she “hope[s] everything will calm down and return to normal.”

She ended the post by asking journalists not to harass her elderly parents, and stating that she had nothing more to say on the matter.

Cheng was the last member of the purported love rectangle to release a statement. Her husband, Hui, held a press conference Tuesday night in which he called himself “a scumbag;” the woman he was caught canoodling with, Wong, posted to social media that she was “full of guilt;” and Wong’s boyfriend, fellow TV actor Kenneth Ma, told reporters he was merely concerned for the parties involved, and asked for privacy.

A cartoon released by Hong Kong's Buildings Department mocks Andy Hui's tearful press conference. Photo via Facebook/Buildings Department.
A cartoon released by Hong Kong’s Buildings Department mocks Andy Hui’s tearful press conference. Photo via Facebook/Buildings Department.

Since the scandal broke, Hong Kong has been trapped in an ever-expanding vortex of make-out mania. Apple Daily, who first published the video, gained 380,000 new followers in a matter of hours after posting, and since then, everyone in Hong Kong, from social media snarks to government agencies, has sought to capitalize on the hullabaloo with memes and winking advertisements.

Whether Cheng’s statement on the matter will finally put Lip-lock-alypse 2019 to bed remains to be seen.

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