Blood-soaked man rushes into traffic outside Cross-Harbour Tunnel in Causeway Bay

Police are on the hunt for the assailants of an Australian man, who later rushed into moving traffic in front of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel entrance on Hong Kong Island while covered in blood.

At around 9pm yesterday evening, a man surnamed Chan was driving to Kowloon with a friend. As he approached the Cross-Harbour Tunnel entrance in Causeway Bay, Chan reportedly saw a blood-soaked Caucasian man walking into his lane.

“He suddenly rushed out in front of my car, so I stopped driving. He kept walking closer and closer towards my car with this nasty look in his eye,” Chan told Apple Daily.

After dismissing the possibility that it was a Halloween prank as “Halloween was ages ago”, the motorist said he thought the man could have been badly hurt in a traffic accident, and considered getting out of the car to administer some basic first aid. Eventually, Chan said he decided against it after seeing a metal can in the man’s pocket and, “fearing that he was inebriated”, decided to keep driving after the apparently injured man was out of his way.

As Chan neared the toll booths on the other side of the tunnel, however, he was pulled over. Police told him that he was suspected of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm to the bloodied man, but eventually let off after he showed them dashcam footage of the already-injured man approaching his car.

Officers later told HK01 that the injured man had been attacked on Hung Hing Road by two assailants, who are still at large.

The victim sustained injuries to his forehead, cheeks, and chin. No identification documents were found on his person, but he is reported to be from Australia. He was admitted to Ruttonjee Hospital in a conscious state and his case was reclassified as “assault occasioning actual bodily harm”.

So far, no arrests have been made.


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