Awkward: Man refuses to pay prostitute extra when condom slips off

What do you do when you hire a prostitute and midway through sex the condom slips off and you haven’t gotten your happy ending yet? Well, this 54-year-old man kept going! 

The 37-year-old prostitute agreed to have sex with the man for HK$200 in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. Halfway through sex the condom slipped off and the man continued going without a condom. The prostitute later asked the man to pay an extra HK$200 but he refused. 

According to Next Media, the two got into a heated argument and called the police. When the police came, the two continued to argue about the price for about two-hours until the prostitute finally agreed to accept HK$100 extra from the man. 

Photo: MIKI Yoshihito, Flickr


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