Accepting Beijing’s decision is the only path to universal suffrage, says CY Leung during LegCo Q&A

During a Q&A session with lawmakers at LegCo, Chief Executive CY Leung stressed that accepting Beijing’s Aug. 31 decision on the framework for the 2017 chief executive elections is the only path to universal suffrage.

Leung stated that the decision of China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) was clear, and that he wished to see an election happening in 2017, reports RTHK.

The chief executive said the Hong Kong government reforms remains open for discussion, but only within the Basic Law and the directive of the NPCSC. 

He said the focus of any discussion should thus be whether it adheres to the Basic Law, adding that any suggestion outside this condition is just smokes and mirrors, reports the BBC. 

His comment was challenged by Democratic Party lawmaker, Helena Wong.

Wong asked that whether under Leung’s idea, North Korea and China enjoy a real election. Leung responded that an election endorsed by Hong Kong’s constitution is “genuine universal suffrage”.

Hong Kong’s leader stressed that civil nomination of chief executive candidates is against the Basic Law and the idea will receive no attention.

In addition, pro-Beijing lawmaker Elizabeth Quat said that anti parallel-trading protests have harmed cross-border relations and the economy.

“Since the beginning of last year’s Occupy movement, the police have been arresting protesters while the courts continue to free them, and this is condoning violent activities”, she said.

Leung did not comment on the judiciary system but stressed that Hong Kong’s law enforcement remains impartial.

He agreed that rising anti-Hong Kong sentiment in China is detrimental to our city, especially considering that tourism comprises 4.7 percent of total GDP.

A total of 14 lawmakers questioned the chief executive on topics such as the housing shortage, the controversial liberal studies, and standard working hours.

Three lawmakers were removed from the chamber for heckling and “disrupting the process”. 


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