3m-long snake captured in Sai Kung

In the third Burmese python capture this week, a three-metre-long snake was caught on Yan Yee Road in Sai Kung on Sunday.

The magnificent serpent was taken away through a joint effort by the police and Hong Kong’s friendly snake expert/wrangler Dave “Snake King” Willott.

According to Ming Pao, a (probably terrified) passerby called the police after discovering the snake.

“It was a big, fat snake … quite healthy and heavy. When I got there with my snake bag, it was clear there was no way I was going to get it into the bag,” Willott told the Standard

The job apparently called for a dog cage, which arrived half an hour later.

“I talked to the police officers and said I would go for the head and you guys can help by grabbing the tail… Actually I thought the snake may try to wrap itself around me but it was not struggling that much,” the brave serpentine hero said.

Sadly, it seems as though some buffoon may have tried to kill or catch the snake before, as it was found with a black zip tie wrapped tightly right below its head.

Willott acknowledges it may have happened by accident (which seems unlikely), but we’re glad the snake was rescued before too long!

“It was not going to come off by itself so we did the snake a favour by cutting it off,” said Willott.

“Otherwise it would have died a horrible death. The snake would not be able to swallow anything.”

We don’t know about you, but we’ve had it with these m*****f***in’ snakes in this m*****f***in’ city! Where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

(But seriously, for the love of god, please leave the snakes alone and call a professional if needed.)

Photo: Weiguang Ouyang via MingPao.com


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