Prominent Swedish personalities demand China free Hong Kong bookseller

More than 40 prominent Swedish personalities today released an appeal demanding China free Causeway Bay bookseller Gui Minhai, who is also a Swedish citizen.

Signed by dozens of journalists, politicians, academics, actors and cultural personalities, the appeal appeared in 37 Swedish newspapers.

“The Chinese authorities’ actions against Gui Minhai violate basic legal principles and constitute a serious violation of human rights,” the article read.

“Ahead of Sweden’s national holiday tomorrow, we now urge the Chinese authorities to immediately release Gui Minhai.”

“China is a superpower that has vast economic, political and cultural influence on the world. Its leaders in Beijing have made it clear they are ready to play a leading and responsible role in the world.”

Gui, a Swedish citizen, was one of five Hong Kong-based booksellers known for salacious titles about the lives of China’s political elite who went missing in 2015 and resurfaced in detention on the mainland.

Ostensibly held over a fatal traffic accident a decade earlier, the 53-year-old was formally released from custody in October, though was snatched again in January this year from a train bound for Beijing under the eyes of two Swedish diplomats.

He again surfaced nearly three weeks later, confessing wrongdoing and accusing his adopted country Sweden of manipulating him like a “chess piece.”

A close friend said the remarks were “not to be believed.” The video of his “confession” showed Gui flanked by two police officers.

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