2 cabbies robbed in span of 45 minutes by men asking for directions

Flickr/Tauno Tõhk / 陶诺
Flickr/Tauno Tõhk / 陶诺

Two taxi drivers were robbed within 45 minutes of each other in the early hours of Friday morning in scam that involved one man distracting the drivers while another snatched their bags.

HK01 reports that the first incident happened just after 2am this morning, when a 67-year-old taxi driver surnamed Chan was driving through Chai Wan.

Chan stopped outside a bank on Chai Wan Road, and lowered his window as a man approached and asked for directions to a place called “The Buffalo Bar,” which Chan said had never heard of.  As Chan was checking his phone for the address, another man opened the back door, snatched his bag, and the pair fled the scene.

Chan called the police, who arrived at the scene but couldn’t find the thieves.

At around 2:55am, police received another report that a 56-year-old driver surnamed Tai had parked his cab in Shau Kei Wan — three kilometers away — and also had his bag stolen in a similar manner.

Tai told reporters at the scene that after his bag was taken he chased the pair, but tripped. He scraped his arm and legs in the fall, and was treated at the scene.

While Chan said his bag only contained some cigarettes and loose change, Tai’s bag contained at least HK$3,000 in cash.

Police classified the two cases as theft and said it’s likely both are linked given the similarities in methods.

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