UK photographer captures dazzling lights of fast-paced Hong Kong life in ‘Neon Rush’ series

Hong Kong’s vibrant night life (if you ignore the sight of party-goers throwing up in alleyways) has captivated many and remains one of the city’s hallmarks. Photographer Derry Ainsworth, who hails from the UK, captures the essence of Hong Kong at night in his series “Neon Rush”, which shows the streets lit up in all their fluorescent glory.

The 24-year-old photographer arrived in Hong Kong over a year and a half ago, after leaving his architectural assistant job in the UK. He lived in a youth hostel for three months, with a camera and little money in hand. As he explored the city, Ainsworth learned to use his camera without relying on its “automatic” mode.

Derry says he left the UK “to try out living in a big city”, and to savour the distinctive architecture of Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong is such an interesting place to photograph; there are huge disparities between big and small, rich and poor, light and dark. Each district has its own character but overall, they share the same sense of epic scale,” continued Ainsworth.

With his series, Ainsworth hopes to encourage Hongkongers to look up from their phones once in a while and appreciate the very sights we casually ignore on a day-to-day basis.

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