Survey finds Hongkongers practice rampant ‘Netflix cheating’

In a survey conducted by Netflix between December 2016 and January 2017, it was found that Hong Kong scored the highest percentage in Asia for “Netflix Cheating.”

“Netflix Cheating” – a term used for watching a TV show ahead of your romantic partner – has been increasing worldwide (or so says Netflix) and it seems Hongkongers are doing it more than nearly anyone else.

Indeed, Netflix has kindly released the data specifically for the Valentine’s period which revealed the impact streaming video has on romantic relationships worldwide. As it turns out, for most Hongkongers streaming Netflix isa very serious business.

Netflix has also handily broken down four different types of “Netflix Cheaters”.
1. Long Distance Cheater, where one cheats when the significant other is out of town (24%
2. Serial Cheater, where one cheats on their partner more than 4 times (25%)
3. Sleepless Cheater, where one cheats after their partner is KO’ed (33%)
4. Sorry-Not-Sorry Cheater, where one cheats without feeling the least bit guilty (21%)

Here’s some more rather ridiculous data Netflix released from their study.
A. 32% of Hongkongers have gotten into a verbal argument about Netflix cheating.
B. 40% of Hongkongers think that Netflix cheating is actually worse than a having an actual affair.
C. 40% of Hongkongers says it’s important that a prospective partner has similar Netflix taste

In our opinion, people need to chill! It’s only entertainment, y’all. Glorious, gorgeous, high-budget, addictive entertainment.

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