9 places to stand-up paddle board in Hong Kong and where to rent equipment

With summer in full swing and travel still a no-go, a day out exploring Hong Kong’s islands—and trying your hand at some water sports while you’re at it—is one of the best ways to escape the city.

Being relatively easy to get the hang of, stand-up paddle boarding has gained popularity in recent years. It’s less strenuous than other sports like wakeboarding and windsurfing, making it perfect if you want to squeeze in some physical activity while taking in the breathtaking scenes of rural Hong Kong.

Here are nine places to stand-up paddle board in Hong Kong, how to get there, and where to rent equipment. (Many of the sports centers also offer classes should you want some instruction. You can also rent kayaks if you want to save stand-up paddle boarding for another day.)


Photo: Keith Lam
Photo: Keith Lam

Just a 45-minute bus ride from Central and Causeway Bay, Stanley is a go-to for outdoor enthusiasts looking to catch some sun. While its water quality may not be as great as islands in the outer reaches of the city, its accessibility can more than make up for it. With lots of food options on Stanley Main Street, you’re rest assured that your hunger will be taken care of.

Hong Kong Aqua-Bound Center: $80/hour; $200 for 3 hours rental; $350 for full day (8 hours) rental
HiWind Lover Water Sport Center: $80/hour; $200 for 3 hours rental

Cheung Gan Village, Ma On Shan

Cheung Gan Village, near Wu Kai Sha Pebbles Beach, is about a 10-minute walk from Ma On Shan MTR station. From Wu Kai Sha MTR station, you can also catch a minibus to Ma On Shan Shopping Center and walk about 8 minutes to the beach from there.

Ma On Shan Happy Sky Water Sport Center: 8am to 1pm/1:30pm to 6pm/full day on weekdays: $140/$180/$250; weekends $160/$200/$280

Tai Mei Tuk

Tai Mei Tuk isn’t just a cycling spot—it’s great for kayaking and stand-up paddling too. Of course, if you’re feeling extra active, you can also rent bikes along Ting Kok Road. There are lots of lovely local eateries for you to fuel up at in Tai Mei Tuk too.

Sea View Boat Rental: $200 for full day

Sam Mun Tsai

Located east of Tai Po, Sam Mun Tsai is a 30-minute minibus ride from Tai Po Market MTR station. While you’re there, take a walk on the Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail, a 1.5-km stretch where you can observe various rock formations that have weathered wave erosion and other natural phenomena.

Let’s Paddle HK: $200 for full day on weekdays; $250 for full day on weekends (Book here)

Mui Wo, Lantau Island

Photo: Breatheasy SUP and Yoga
Photo: Breatheasy SUP & Yoga

To get to Mui Wo, catch the ferry from Central Pier 6 or take the 40-minute 3M bus from Tung Chung MTR station. Besides water sports at Silvermine Beach, there is no shortage of things to do at Mui Wo from chasing waterfalls to grabbing a pint at the neighborhood bars.

Breatheasy SUP & Yoga: $200 for 3 hours

Lower Cheung Sha Village, Lantau Island

The beautiful Cheung Sha Beach is a little more out of the way—first take the ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo, then a taxi or a bus from Mui Wo pier. There are beachfront restaurants there too where you can indulge in pizza and fresh seafood.

Long Coast Sea Sport: $90/hour; $270 for half day (4 hours)

Tseng Tau Village, Sai Kung

Located about halfway between Sai Kung West Country Park and Ma On Shan Country Park, Tseng Tau Village is a quaint hideout a minibus ride away from University MTR station. Coconuts tip: Check out Three Fathoms Cove, a coastal inlet, while you’re there.

Wake2Chill Water Sports: $220 for half day; $350 for full day

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Pak Lap Wan, Sai Kung

Pak Lap Wan is a secluded beach nestled in Sai Kung East Country Park, south of Pak Lap Village. You can stock up on supplies at the village before you set off to the beach, and there are barbecue pits at the campsite on Man Yee Road where you can cook your own lunch after paddle boarding.

Pak Lap Academy: $220 for full day

Sha Ha, Sai Kung

A leisurely 15-minute walk from Sai Kung Pier, Sha Ha Beach is a popular spot for kayaking and paddle-boarding. From the beach, you can paddle to neighboring islands including Yim Tin Tsai and Sharp Island.

Blue Sky Sports Club: $320 for full day ($160 for members)
Ah Kwok Water Sport Center: $200 for full day on weekdays; $250 on weekends and public holidays

Feature photo: Facebook/Blue Sky Sports Club