Spray it, don’t say it: This new product makes light work of killing harmful bacteria

Photo: Raze Technology
Photo: Raze Technology

You’ve probably seen all those headlines about the COVID-19 virus. There’s no need to panic and start buying supplies in bulk, but sure, we see why finding new ways to stay clean is getting more contagious. Besides the usual tips like wearing a mask if you’re feeling unwell and washing your hands a bit more frequently, perhaps you’re wondering what else you can do. 

Photo: Raze Technology

Enter Raze Technology, a new brand hawking products that use photocatalyst technology to kill germs using visible light. It’ll make light work of killing harmful bacteria in just a few sprays — and it works on clothing or other surfaces too. It’s also what will be used to sanitize public bus seats, as part of Raze’s new deal with KMB.

According to the brand, the nano-particles absorb light energy, much like plants do during photosynthesis. But rather than creating oxygen, Raze nano-particles create oxidative radicals that decompose pollutants — turning bacteria, viruses and odors into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules. It’s an eco-friendly way to stay germ-free too, as a single coating can last up to three months, reducing the need for constant washing and wiping. 

Photo: Raze Technology
Photo: Raze Technology

Wondering how it works? Raze recently conducted an experiment where they sprayed their product on half of a denim jacket, to some interesting results after being worn outside for a full day. Check out the video below:

You can learn more about Raze products firsthand, when you visit their pop-up store, happening from 13-28 February. Products purchased in-store will be 50% off (maximum 2 items per customer) for a limited time only, so don’t miss out. 

Find it

Location: 36 Cochrane Street, Central

Date: Feb 13-28

Time: 10:30am-7:30pm on weekdays, 11:00am-7:00pm on weekends

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