Play about Hong Kong’s street sleepers, ‘Shamshuipo Lear’, to be staged

“Shamshuipo Lear”, a play written by Hardy Tsoi and Fung Kin-sun based on the “survival story” of five street sleepers, will be staged Sep. 11 to 13 in Sai Wan Ho.

The Cantonese-language production is being put on by Prospects Theatre and will be directed by Tsoi. Stars include Tu Sze-chung, Yu Sai-Tang, and Tang Wing-wai, resulting in what is a “100 percent Hong Kong play imbued with local colour and sentiment”, describes the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, which is presenting the play.

The city’s homeless, living on the fringes of society, “dream next to people’s footsteps”, and their lives are characterized by “great anxiety and hopelessness”. The play’s title alludes to alludes to King Lear, who was also in a “desperate situation”.

What: Shamshuipo Lear
When: 8pm on Fri., Sep. 11, 3pm and 8pm on Sat., Sep. 12, 3pm on Sun., Sep 13
Where: Sai Wan Ho Civic Theatre (Google Maps)
Price: HKD120 – HKD180
Tickets: Urbtix

Photo: Florian Rohart via Flickr

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