Mommy, where does poop come from? Leave your kids’ tough questions to the professionals at new exhibit

Scaling poop mountain. We lost a lot of good men up there.
Scaling poop mountain. We lost a lot of good men up there.

Ever want to take a tour of the human body, wending your way through its intricate systems, reveling in the miraculous complexity of the human animal?

Well, now you can (sorta), at MegaBox mall’s new Amazing Digestive Adventure interactive exhibit, opening tomorrow. It’s kinda like the “Anatomy Park” episode of Rick and Morty, or that ‘80s movie Innerspace, but with, y’know, more butt stuff.

Comprising seven main sections, the Amazing Digestive Adventure charts the path food takes through the body, with visitors entering through the mouth and exiting down a brown slide protruding from a comically large anus suspended over a ball pit. (Remember ball pits? Good times.)


In between, there are sections devoted to the stomach (complete with larger-than-life representations of burgers and sushi), the small intestine (where travelers pass through an elephant grass-like forest of villi, the hair-like outgrowths that aid in nutrient absorption), and large intestine (where intrepid kiddos scale poop mountain before exiting through the aforementioned anus).

So if you’re looking for something to do with your kids, but have qualms about, say, the recent outbreak of koi herpes at Ocean Park, this could just satisfy their appetite for edu-tainment… or turn their stomach. Either way, they’re not likely to forget it.

The exhibit runs until Feb. 29, and you can book tickets here.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the “Pirates of the Pancreas” section. (Just kidding, the “Pirates of the Pancreas” concept just wasn’t really working.)

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