Madonna pulls fan onstage, doesn’t realise he’s actually a famous Cantopop star (VIDEO)

Video of Madonna’s stop in Macau over the weekend has gone viral on Chinese social media, after she invited an enthusiastic fan onstage seemingly without realising who he was.

FYI, Eason Chan – whose concert at the o2 arena in London was only outsold by Michael Jackson – is often recognised as a leading figure in Cantopop, and is known by millions as the “King of Cantopop”.

But then again, we guess Madonna’s got an entire world of pop to reign over.

As with all the other concerts on her tour, Maddy got raunchy with her handpicked subject by spanking and kicking his bum during a spirited rendition of “Unapologetic Bitch”. Seems days of acting “Like a Virgin” are long gone, much to the dismay of Singapore’s Archbishop Goh, who expressed “grave concern” over Her Royal Madge’s impending S’pore show.

For his part, 41-year-old Chan never showed an iota of diva-ness, instead dancing with gleeful exuberance and answering Madonna’s questions with sincerity… even if she did rather awkwardly ask him how much money he made that day. (He earned HKD100 million in 2014 alone, by the way.)

Chan did finally show some reserve, however, when Madonna thrust a banana at him and encouraged him to act suggestively with the phallic fruit, finally prompting Chan to admit that his 11-year-old daughter was in the audience.

Unfazed, the chanteuse suggested Chan take the fruit home, saying “you know what to do with it.”

What Madonna meant is completely open to interpretation, but we’d just like to clarify that Eason wasted no time in chowing the banana down while leaving the show, as shown in this walk’n’talk he did with Ming Pao.

Eason Chan, King of Cantopop, eating his potassium-rich gift from the Queen of Pop. Photo: Ming Pao screenshot

After the show, Chan confirmed that his appearance was unplanned, and claims he was singled out for dancing excitedly in the audience. When asked how he felt about the experience, Chan said it was “great”, remarking, “Of course I’m over the moon! I shared the same space as Madonna!”

Whether Madonna knew who Eason was is still unclear, but we’d like to think she wouldn’t bat an eyelid if someone told her. After all, she is an Unapologetic Bitch…

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