Hong Kong hotel alternatives: glamping, co-living, boat life, and sleeping in a bubble

All photos courtesy of the properties.

Whether you love art, food, shopping, hiking, or scenic viewpoints — Hong Kong is a playground that seems to offer something for all. But, reality check: The cost of living, even for short visits, is notably high.

One way to keep your travel budget intact and see the city from a different angle is to try an alternative accommodation option. Some are simple, some are funky, and some are fun. Check out this list to see which one might suit you.

In a Bubble

Mingle Farm, in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long, offers several hotel alternatives. You can sleep in a caravan, a tent shaped like a mushroom. or our favorite, the large plastic bubble that the farm calls an aecosphere. Gaze up at the stars but, beware, other guests can also gaze in and see you.

Perfect for couples, this cozy bubble tent means that you have to share a bathroom with other campers but, hey, it’s worth it for the Instagram, isn’t it?

Aecosphere rental can be had for HKD800 nightly while caravans start at HKD1,300 nightly.

Co-living space

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a co-working space, but one place opening in Hong Kong in August takes the concept a step further by offering a co-living space.

Weave Co-Living, on Boundary Street, will offer a place to stay that also lets you share some space and network with those residing in other rooms. Catering to digital nomads or “people leading location-independent lifestyles,” this co-living space is part hotel, part hostel, and part serviced apartment.

Guests can share or have their own bedroom, most of which have en suites. Everyone shares use of the kitchen, rooftop patio, gym, and common room. Prices starts at HKD6,900 monthly for a shared room.

Serviced apartment

For those looking for accommodation that offers the feel of an apartment with the conveniences and services of a hotel — well, properties like that are easy to find in Hong Kong. For these places, you can just show up with your clothing and personal items and check in to a fully stocked home: The kitchen contains dishes, cookware, and silverware, the bed is freshly made, toilet paper and towels are all in place, and so on. And the place will continue to exist in its clean and shiny state since maid service is also included.

Eight Kwai Fong in Happy Valley is one among many serviced apartments in Hong Kong, but distinguishes itself by offering an artsy appeal: Much of the place is filled with modern art and they bill themselves as offering “a contemporary bespoke lifestyle for the artisan in you.”

The property offers studios and one bedrooms starting at HKD26,800 a month.

Houseboat living

This three-bedroom houseboat can sleep five guests — great for a family getaway or group of friends who share a love of boat life. Falling asleep to waves lapping at the boat, staring out into the seas, that kind of thing.

Permanently moored at Aberdeen Marina, this decked-out-in-modern decor boat can be rented on Airbnb. It features a full gourmet kitchen and even a barbecue on the deck outside overlooking the city. It can be rented for HKD1,955 per night.

There’s also a frisky feline living onboard — a nice perk for cat lovers.

It’s important to note that Airbnbs currently exist in a legal gray area in Hong Kong. Please read more about that here.

Modern Hosteling

We know, we know, not a hostel, right? But Urban Pack, located just in front of Tsim Sha Tsui. They host events each night, and offer hostel accommodation (from HKD150 nightly), en suite rooms (from HKD500 nightly), or full serviced apartments (from HKD700 nightly) — plus lots of modern amenities like iMac stations, massage chairs, and a free, quiet workspace.

The place has received lots of love from previous guests, who say the cleanliness, organized activities like food tours and guided hikes, and access to coffee around the clock (and which actually tastes good) were some highlights of their time here.

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