ECCO offering ‘virtual shoe fitting’ at Causeway Bay MTR

In what seems like a desperate bid to overcome its fuddy-duddy image once and for all, comfy and practical shoe shop ECCO has gone all high-tech at Causeway Bay MTR station, offering commuters “virtual fitting”.

The Danish brand, which claims the new installation is helping overcome people’s embarrassment of… trying on shoes in public, is allowing passengers to add their head to a model’s body, wearing the shoes of their choice, against a background of their choice, right in the middle of the concourse.

Because that’s not embarrassing at all.

Those taking part in the fun at the instant photo booth will have free run of 25 designs from the spring/summer collection and five scenes, namely: city life, outdoor adventure, weekend leisure, evening night out and summer vacation.

They’ll also receive a HKD200 voucher for being such good sports and taking time out of their days for this totally pointless exercise.

The booth will be at Causeway Bay MTR station for the next three weeks.

H/T: Marketing Magazine

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