Cat-fur hats, cat butt sculpture, and more on show at feline-centric exhibition in Mong Kok

One of the attractions is a series of pictures from Japanese cat hat-maker Ryo Yamazaki, who fashioned this hellish furry toupee after the US presidential election. Photos: Rojiman/Langham Place via Facebook

With the rise of the internet age, one thing has become abundantly clear: people bloody love cat photos.

Fluffy, flighty felines are worshiped like demi-gods on social media, and in some extreme cases spawning real life fame — just look at this three-meter statue of Hong Kong’s very own Brother Cream… and the fact that Grumpy Cat got her own movie.

Further proof of humanity’s submission to our feline overlords is Langham Place’s latest exhibition, the cringe-inducingly titled #HappyMEOWment. (Yes, the same Langham Place where an 45-meter escalator reversed at high speed and injured 18 people.)

As a collaboration with Japan’s Todays Gallery Studio, the exhibition will feature photographs from eight Japanese cat-stagrammers… including Ryo Yamazaki/Rojiman! You know, the guy who went viral for making hats for his cats out of their own fur. Some of the impressively resourceful and well-shaped hats will be displayed, though unfortunately the moggies themselves had to stay in Tokyo. And no, your eyes do not deceive you: that really is an egg tart-shaped hat in the video.

In Cantonese, “egg tart head” refers to a retro, slick men’s hairstyle. We prefer this more literal take on it though. Photo: Ryo Yamazaki/Langham Place via Facebook

Reppin’ Hong Kong is photographer Basacat, who shares portraits of local shelter cats in a bid to get them forever homes. Aaaw. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Hong Kong cat event if Brother Cream didn’t make an appearance as well!

#HappyMEOWment will also feature a small selection of cat-centric props and activities, including a free photobooth to print out your two favorite pictures from the exhibition, a feeding game, and — inexplicably — an enormous cat butt sculpture for visitors to pose with. Purr-fect.

What: #HappyMEOWment exhibition
Where: 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok (Google Maps)
When: 8am to 11pm, Wednesday, July 26 to Sunday, September 3
Price: Free

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