Andy Lau out of hospital 2 months after horse-riding accident in Thailand

Photo: Andy Lau

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is finally out of the hospital, two months after a horse-riding accident in Thailand left him with a fractured pelvis.

In a blog post on his official website this morning, Lau wrote:

“I spent the whole day yesterday doing medical examinations, and got the results back in the evening. I was sitting peacefully on my wheelchair as the doctor explained them, but didn’t register anything until he said, ‘you can go home now!’. I almost leapt up to hug him, but alas, I’m not able to do that quite yet.”

Referring to his fans as his dear family, Lau continued, “My pelvic fracture is healing well. My spine, sciatica, muscle and tendon injuries have also been gradually recovering. Things are starting to look up!”

“I hope everyone can join me in thanking the media for giving me enough space to recover during this period. I’ve noticed everyone’s support for me, I’ve read every message from my family [of supporters], all the well wishes and rallies to get better, and they really helped me through this, believe me! I’ll be able to stand up on my own soon!”

He accompanied the post with a chipper selfie of him saluting the camera, wearing a surgical mask and a cap from his own merchandise collection. Hey, he’s a pro, and a savvy one at that.

The 55-year-old actor and singer was badly injured in January whilst filming a commercial which required him to ride a horse. Sometime during the shoot, the horse threw Lau off its back and stepped on his lower body.

After receiving emergency treatment in a Thai hospital, Lau was airlifted back to Hong Kong, and has been at the Sanatorium in Happy Valley since.

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