‘Harry Potter and the Lawyers of Admiralty’: Wizard-themed café sued for copyright infringement

Photo: 9¾ Café via Facebook

Hong Kong’s Harry Potter-themed 9 3/4 Café may henceforth be known as the eatery that shall not be named if a copyright infringement lawsuit heard in High Court yesterday is successful.

News of the battle came not from the magical newspaper the Daily Prophet, but from Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao, who reported this afternoon that Warner Bros, the studio behind the Harry Potter films, was seeking compensation for the alleged infringement.

Warner Bros also wants the court to prohibit the defendant — D.K.A.J Limited, the café’s operator — from using a number of registered trademarks related to the Harry Potter franchise.

These trademarks include decor inspired by the films, the Hogwarts coat of arms, the “9 3/4” sign front above the café’s door, and even the luggage trolley disappearing into the café’s wall — a recreation of the magically camouflaged entrance to the fictitious platform 9 3/4.  (By the way, if you didn’t already know that, this article probably isn’t for you.)

HK01 also reports that the studio has requested that the café change its name and stop using a number of Harry Potter-related descriptors for some of their food and beverage items, like Professor McGonagall’s Magical Salad, Polyjuice Potion, and Muggle Drink.

The café, which serves Western food, first opened its doors to muggles in 2017, but it looks like they couldn’t quite cast a patronus charm strong enough to ward off Warner Bros.

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