Shake Shack to open first Hong Kong outlet (of many) next year

Photo (for illustration): M01229 via Wikimedia Commons

Fast food lovers, your prayers have been heard. US burger chain Shake Shack has announced that it’s going to open a Hong Kong outlet next year as part of the brand’s quest for world domination to expand into Asia.

Shake Shack said in a statement yesterday the upcoming restaurant is only one out of 14 outlets planned for Hong Kong and Macau from now ’til 2027. Who knows if we’ll still be fighting the good fight for democracy by then, but at least one thing’s certain(ish): we will have crinkle-cut fries. #YellowRibbonsofCheese

The cult burger chain is bringing its much-lauded “premium fast food” to our shores with the help of licensing partner Maxim’s Catering Ltd. The local F&B giant also recently imported beloved American diner chain The Cheesecake Factory to Hong Kong and China, which makes us wonder if they’re the people to call/pester about getting Chipotle and Nandos.

Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti told Bloomberg that roughly 90 to 95 percent of the Hong Kong restaurant’s menu would be the same as in the States (yes, including the frozen custard), except we might get more chicken dishes. Praise be.

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