Peep this: Cake shop Vive marks its anniversary with these special unicorn-themed desserts

Photos: Vive Cake Boutique

Cake boutique Vive, best known for its fun, whimsical pastel cake designs, is celebrating its third birthday with… you got it — cake. The bakery, whose wares get a fair bit of social media attention, particularly among HK’s socialites and celebs, is feting itself with three new treats made in Vive’s signature fanciful style.

The new products are limited-edition only, and available starting tomorrow through to the end of August. 

Founder Vivien Lau. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique
Founder Vivien Lau. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique

Much like a child turning three, Vive founder Vivien Lau and her team have assigned the birthday celebration a theme — the unicorn. Long part of the Vive aesthetic, the three treats will all feature the mythical animal in some way.

Magicorn Dreamland. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique
Magicorn Dreamland. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique

First up is the candy-colored Magicorn Dreamland (HK$880/US$112), a Funfetti-inspired vanilla confetti layer cake that’s sandwiched between piles of cotton candy buttercream frosting, then dipped in rainbow-colored pastel icing. Sized for a group, the treat is topped with a unicorn head-referencing sculpture surrounded by icing swirls, a purple unicorn outline, and an ice cream cone for a horn. There’s more — it’s also got two pink-hued chocolate bars and an aqua-colored macaron tossed on top just to be extra.

Magicorn Dreamland. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique
Magicorn Dreamland. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique

If you love your sweets to come extra cute, and presented as a combination of food and beverage, then Vive’s got a special anniversary latte planned as well. The baby pink, berry-flavored Magicorn Strawberry Latte (HK$68/US$9) is also crafted in the shape of a unicorn head, with a horn crafted of cream.

It's Magicorn. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique
It’s Magicorn. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique

It’s Magicorn (HK$68//US$9), meanwhile, is a new take on a classic ice cream sandwich. Vive’s version features white unicorn-shaped macaron outsides stuffed with creamy cotton candy ice-cream. Snap those photos before this one melts away…

Also, for what it’s worth, we’re a bit obsessed with their astrology-themed cakes too. These are in Vive’s usual rotation of cake designs, and not part of their “birthday” promo, but they’re real beauts, aren’t they?

Photo: Vive Cake Boutique
Photo: Vive Cake Boutique.

If you’re passing by either the Wan Chai or Central locations of Vive any time soon, you’ll also notice that both shopfronts are all decked out for the birthday celebration. It’s kawaii and classy at the same time.

Photo: Vive Cake Boutique, Central location.
Central location. Photo: Vive Cake Boutique.

Vive Cake Boutique
Wan Chai location: 200 Queen’s Road East, basement
Daily, 11am-8pm
MTR Wan Chai

Central location: 80 Queen’s Road Central, first floor
Mon.-Fri., 9am-8pm; weekends, 10am-8pm
MTR Central

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