Plant Power: 8 vegetarian and vegan restaurants to check out in Hong Kong

The breakfast offerings at HOME Eat to Live: hot porridge, acai bowl, coconut bowl, and chia pudding. Photo: HOME Eat to Live via Facebook

In a city best known for char siu, roast goose and shark fin soup, it’s not often that a vegetarian would decide to go on culinary walkabout. Yet after seven meatless years, the veg-veteran in me was destined to give Hong Kong a fighting chance. After all, the city had surprised me with its lush hiking trails and rugged boating opps, so surely it had some veggie wonders up its proverbial sleeve.

After chatting with/annoying some locals and doing the usual Instagram location-stalk of people infinitely cooler than me, I learned there was a thriving vegetarian scene in Hong Kong. In fact, in the past year alone, the number of fully vegan restaurants in Hong Kong is said to have doubled!

So, here are some of the tasty veggie eateries that had me so pleasantly surprised. From traditional Chinese dim sum to American diner delights, here’s where to start your love affair with plant-based food in the Fragrant Harbour.

Lock Cha

Going meat-free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the classic Hong Kong food. Visiting Lock Cha, a tranquil vegan eatery tucked away in Hong Kong Park, means you get to sup on the finest veggie dim sum you’ve ever had. The menu features herbivorous delights like the Pickled Vegetable and Mushroom Bun (HKD35) and Roasted Bean Curd Skin (HKD28). Dessert-lovers can satisfy their sweet tooth with treats like Purple Rice Pudding (HKD28) or Mashed Red Bean Cake (HKD28). Lock Cha’s combination of Hong Kong’s cultural traditions (i.e. yum cha) and the veggie twist is an absolute winner.

Lock Cha Tea House, G/F, KS Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Park (Google Maps). Tel: 2801 7177


Greenwoods Raw Cafe

Speaking of desserts, meet Greenwoods. While Greenwoods excels with their raw meals – they have zoodles! (a.k.a. zucchini “noodles”) – they also kill it with their delectable, can’t-believe-this-is-sort-of-good-for-me range of raw desserts. Prices and selections change by the day, but to get a taste for what you can expect, their past specials have included raw vegan pomegranate cheesecake and chocolate chia pudding. Oh, and they even offer workshops in making raw vegan Easter eggs!

Greenwoods Raw Café, 2 Carnarvon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui (Google Maps). Tel: 3428 2416


Veggie SF

If you’re firmly in club carnivore, give Veggie SF a go. Their decadent range of hearty burgers, big breakfasts and flavorsome sides will prove that vegetarian eating needn’t be that clean. Veggie SF is a hive of Americana with diner-style spreads including Kobe’s Favorite vegan beef burger (HKD178) and the Supreme Truffle pâté (HKD168). There’s nothing worse than asking a vegetarian: “So you just live on, like, salad right?” Fortunately, a visit to Veggie SF should set the record straight.

Veggie SF, 10/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central (Google Maps). Tel: 3902 3902



If you like selecting all the ingredients of your meal without actually having to cook, then Ohm is for you. The highlight of this zen-ified restaurant is its build-your-own veggie noodles and spaghetti bar. For HKD78 you can choose from a selection of different base noodles and hearty toppings. It’s also worth checking out their range of flavored lattes (HKD45-55) which you can enjoy with the vegan milk option of coconut cream. Cue excessive drooling.

Ohm, Shop A, 192 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, (Google Maps). Tel: 6352 0553



With a mission to foster a community of environmentally conscious folk, HOME has a menu devoted to their “animal ambassadors”. This means that most of their delicious, animal-free meals are named after endangered species. Standout dishes include the Silky Sifaka Earth Bowl (HKD118), a pho-inspired noodle soup, and the Northern White Rhino veggie burger (HKD98), featuring a Halloumi-topped pumpkin and mixed grain patty. Another major drawcard of this haunt is its snug homestead interior, nestled amongst the ever-busy Des Voeux Road.

HOME Eat To Live, G01 & 101, Nexxus Building, 77 Des Voeux Rd, Central (Google Maps). Tel: 2777 4777


Veggie Mama

Get your colorful food fix on the Kowloon side with Veggie Mama. The all-vegan eatery is known to switch up their scrumptious foods, often changing their menu daily. Some of their yummiest China-meets-Korea fusion foods include the Vegan Char Siu (HKD68) and the hybrid food of your dreams: the Fried Mashed Potato Dumpling (HKD48).

Veggie Mama, G/F, 2A Poplar St, Prince Edward (Google Maps). Tel: 2787 0389


Grassroots Pantry 

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If you’re headed to Grassroots, rest assured that the folks behind it are just as passionate about vegetarian food as they are skilled at making it. Chef and founder Peggy Chan has been at the forefront of the HK clean-eating scene for years. Just last week, she ran her restaurant and kitchen without electricity for Earth Hour. The result of this environmentally innovative feat? A smorgasbord of raw meals including sushi rolls with cashew paste, coconut teriyaki, and butternut squash with watermelon radish ravioli. Today, you can visit Grassroots for Chickpea Miso Chowder with Goma Tofu and Eggplant “Bacon” (HKD98) or perhaps something sweeter, like Raw Tiramisu with Macadamia-Cashew Mascarpone (HKD105) or a Raw Cacao Acai Bowl (HKD98).

Grassroots Pantry, 108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan (Google Maps). Tel: 2873 3353



While some veggie eateries have a habit of being on the more expensive side, Branto is the exception. The wallet-friendly menu is stuffed to the brim with saliva-inducing curries, small bites and Indian breads. Highlights include the Fried Dal (HKD39), cheesy Paneer Palak (HKD64), and Coconut Uttappa (HKD49). Prepare yourself for the ultimate vegetarian comfort food.

Branto, 11 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui (Google Maps). Tel: 2366 8171


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