Hot damn: Local bakery Saint Honore’s Father’s Day cake is literally a topless torso with solid 6-pack abs

Saint Honore’s “Mr Muscle” cake. Photo via Saint Honore
Saint Honore’s “Mr Muscle” cake. Photo via Saint Honore

It’s said that abs are made in the kitchen. This Father’s Day, local bakery Saint Honore’s is taking the age-old fitness adage very literally.

Featuring a set of chiseled six-pack abs and a neat bowtie, the pastry chain’s new cake, aptly called “Mr Muscle,” is either going to deliver a round of laughter—or a very awkward silence—at your family celebrations this weekend.

“Muscle-bound shape cake filled with smooth Belgium chocolate mousse with chocolate crispy, definitely the best option for smart men!” The description on Saint Honore’s website touts.

Photo from Facebook/Saint Honore Cake Shop
Photo from Facebook/Saint Honore Cake Shop

On Facebook, one user commented: “Do you have [a cake with] a large belly? Otherwise my father will be self conscious!”

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The one-pound cake is retailing for $218, or $185 online.

The cake is a limited-time offer for Father’s Day. But Saint Honore—if you’re listening—consider adding Mr Muscle to your regular collection. He’ll be a hit at bachelorette parties, that’s for sure.

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