Hong Kong’s No.1 fast food chicken is 100% Filipino: South China Morning Post

“Isa pa! (One more!) Isa pa! Isa pang ChickenJoy!” PHOTO: Instagram/Jollibee
“Isa pa! (One more!) Isa pa! Isa pang ChickenJoy!” PHOTO: Instagram/Jollibee

Two editors of the Hong Kong English-language newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) ranked five fast food fried chicken spots in the city, and the Philippines’ very own Jollibee emerged on top.

In an article released on Wednesday, SCMP’s Susan Jung and Kevin Kwong shared the results of their day-long fried chicken tasting session in Hong Kong.

In choosing the “best” fast food fried chicken, they set the following criteria: “We agreed that although the chicken is deep-fried, it shouldn’t be too oily. The skin should be crisp and the meat should be moist. With the best friend chicken, you’ll want to continue to eat it, even if you’re full.”

They did not include Korean fried chicken spots, saying “there are just too many of them” in Hong Kong.

Also not part of the list is Popeye’s, which is frequently visited by Jung, “because the only branch in Hong Kong is the restricted area of Chep Lap Kok Airport.”

Explaining why Jollibee’s fried chicken made it to No. 1, Jung wrote: “The coating was a bit thick, but it was crunchy, flavorful and not oily. The chicken was served piping hot and the meat was moist, tender and not too salty.”

At second place is Taiwan’s Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, followed by The Roundhouse – Chicken + Beer, McDonald’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This is not the first time that Jollibee’s fried chicken was praised abroad. Early this month, Foodbeast’s Constantine Spyrou said Jollibee is one of the top fast food places in the United States for fried chicken.

In 2013, Jollibee’s fried chicken was found to be the best among several other brands in Singapore, as shown by a blind taste test.

Story: ABS-CBN News

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