Boss Kitchen: Nutritionist-designed meals delivered to your doorstep

Boss Kitchen, a meal delivery service in Hong Kong, specializes in healthy and nutrient-packed menus.
Boss Kitchen, a meal delivery service in Hong Kong, specializes in healthy and nutrient-packed menus.

Not all of us are cooking whizzes with the mastery to whip up food that’s healthy, varied and delicious.

But good news: the folks behind Boss Kitchen, a meal delivery company run by nutritionists and fitness experts, are, and we at Coconuts had the pleasure of trying their breakfast, lunch and dinner five-day plan.

With menus that change weekly and detailed calorie and macronutrient data, Boss Kitchen’s protein-heavy meals are ideal if you’re a gym rat, on a weight loss journey, or simply too lazy to think of what to eat for dinner after a long day.

At Coconuts, we loved how the variety of cuisines—from Chinese to Southeast Asian to western—kept things new, and with every meal, we were left feeling satisfied and excited for what the next day would bring. The generous side of vegetables with every meal were a definite plus.

Boss Kitchen offers 5-day packages starting from HK$1,090 for two meals a day. You can go for either the meat or veggie option, and also add on protein snacks if you wish. They also do a 12% discount off if you do a subscription (minimum two weeks). Delivery to Hong Kong and Kowloon is free.


Boss Kitchen’s menus start every week with a Meatless Monday. For breakfast, we were treated to a hearty dish of poached egg, sweet potato and hash brown, which had all the goodness of a nice, indulgent start to the day without any of the greasiness.

Poached egg, sweet potato and hash brown

For lunch, we tucked into a tofu turmeric bowl, which came with a boiled egg and quinoa. Dinner, a cauliflower and mushroom bolognese, was a healthy spin on the pasta dish. The vegetarian meal still managed to capture all the savory flavors of the traditionally meaty pasta.


The berry and coconut chia pudding on Tuesday was one of our favorite dishes of the week. Sweet but not overly so, the breakfast was topped with sliced blueberries and strawberries.

Lunch that day was another highlight. The chicken satay vegetable bowl was a satisfying guilt-free take on the Southeast Asian dish, its flavors enhanced by a rich peanut sauce.

Dinner was a salmon teriyaki bowl with cabbage, edamame beans and cauliflower. The fish was well-seasoned and went down nicely with the accompanying teriyaki sauce.

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Hump day started with apple and cinnamon protein pancakes, which we weren’t huge fans of as it had a grainy, protein-y taste to it.

For lunch, we had a chicken cauliflower burrito bowl, which we found a little on the bland side. This perhaps worked out well given that dinner was the flavor-packed, delicious Southeast Asian concoction of beef rendang. With its aromatic spice and tender beef cuts, this was undoubtedly another favorite for us.

Beef rendang


Thursday’s breakfast made up for what Wednesday’s lacked. The unassuming mushroom and tomato omelette was buttery soft, and despite being packed with 30g of protein, did not have a sandy feel.

The quiche lorraine and Greek salad was another light-ish lunch. For dinner, we loved the Thai pork basil loin, which was fragrantly seasoned with garlic and chopped chillies.


The blueberry banana baked oatmeal cakes for breakfast was yet another standout. Soft and crumbly, the cakes tasted more like an indulgent dessert than a protein-packed breakfast. Lunch was a tender chicken chipotle tahini bowl with a generous side of broccoli, green pepper and avocado.

Beef casserole

For our final supper, we dug into the beef casserole, which was a little tougher than we might have liked but was nicely flavored all the same.

The verdict: Coconuts was well impressed by Boss Kitchens’ protein-packed menu. We’d recommend it to anyone looking to try out a meal delivery service that’s varied in cuisine and comes with a full breakdown of nutrition data. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the meals don’t come in a cooler bag, which might pose a problem in these hot summer months if you aren’t able to store them in the refrigerator shortly upon delivery.

Editor’s note: Our writer received a five-day meal plan from Boss Kitchen. However, Boss Kitchen had no editorial involvement or oversight in this article. Read our Editorial Policies here.

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