Souls of Hong Kong: Elly at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

SOULS OF HONG KONG – We met Elly Lam, a sweet 19-year-old student of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She enjoys travelling and trying new things.

“Last summer I decided to join a cultural exchange program and travel to Brazil myself for two months. My family was very worried because, like many Hong Kong people, they are under the impression that Brazil is a dangerous place. I was a bit scared too, to be honest but luckily, the experience turned out to be absolutely amazing. Over the two months, I was very inspired by the Brazilian way of life, met and made many great friends from all over the place whom I still keep in touch with. The exchange program also gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself and opened my eyes to the world. It was most definitely a life-changing adventure!”

Souls of Hong Kong is a new Coconuts series of street portrait photography inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York. Every human has a story to tell, and we intend to share some from the millions of souls who call Hong Kong home.

Photo: Shuk-yan Li

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