PHOTOS: The diligent students taking advantage of the Occupy Central ‘Study Corner’ in Admiralty

Even tiny tots came to do their schoolwork at the Study Corner. 

The Umbrella Movement is led by students, but as tireless and determined as they may be in their quest for democracy, they’ve never forgotten that they are supposed to be studying. 

Given the reputation Hong Kong students have, no one was particularly surprised when a “Study Corner” was set up at the Admiralty protest site – though surely all who passed by were touched by the sight of students from the age of pre-school and up huddled in an area dedicated to making studying as comfortable as possible while in an illegal street encampment. 

On Oct. 15, Coconuts Hong Kong took a look at some of the people taking advantage of the lamps, tables, and mats laid out for the pro-democracy scholars. 

Pretty much exactly like a school library, if you ignore the fact that they’re in a makeshift camp. 

Welcome to the Study Corner. The signs say “Volunteer tutors welcome!” and “Go students!”. 

Even children who could not possibly be participants of the protests showed up to do their homework in this studious atmosphere, accompanied by their parents. 

Lest non-students (like tired and desperate journalists) crowd out people actually studying, the volunteers in charge of the Study Corner put up these signs. 

Market equilbriums, anyone? 

Students of all ages did their work side-by-side.

The re-purposed traffic cones and police barriers were gentle reminders that they were after all within a protest site.

Some parents brought their young chlidren here to teach them about the protests.

Students didn’t seem to mind the slightly cramped conditions. Here, older, well-dressed students focus on their work while sitting across from younger students still in their school uniforms.

So, these kids were too cute so we had to post multiple pictures of them. Here’s the older brother hogging the lamp.

Here’s the little sister yanking it back. 

Words/Photos: Laurel Chor/Coconuts Media

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