Photo Essay: Mong Kok Street Busking

Compared to other major cities such as New York and London, busking culture is not prevalent in Hong Kong. There has been however, a growing number of local buskers in Hong Kong in recent years, and their performances cover a wide variety of styles.

The pedestrian precinct in Sai Yeung Choi Street, a bustling shopping area in Mong Kok, is the base of many buskers in town. The precinct is currently free to use everyday but street performers will soon be limited to use the area on weekends and public holidays only, as residents nearby have complained of the noise.

What will happen when the new rule is enforced? Will street performers cease to exist in Hong Kong? 

Lady performing guzheng, a Chinese plucked zither.

Andrew Cheung is a Henna artist. The banner on his stall reads “We are artists, not vendors.” 

A skillful acrobat manages to juggle his props and balance on a pedestrian-filled road.

Folk music singer performing Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden.

A woman writing small seal script characters with chalk powder.

Connie, female vocalist of the band SMS, sings Yesterday Once More by The Carpenters.

Wai Goh, another member of the band SMS, is dubbed the “Mong Kok John Lennon”.

Tony, male vocalist of the band SMS (“Singing My Songs”) is singing Days of Glory by Beyond. The band of three often attracts a large crowd.


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