Meet 5 of Hong Kong’s talented female live streamers

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Live streaming will go down in history as the next art form. We know that’s a bold statement, but how else can you describe the talent it takes to captivate a huge online audience while you do… well, whatever it is you do?

No, live streaming isn’t easy, but it is popular. If we’re not streaming something ourselves (usually our lunch, sometimes our cat) then we’re watching live streams of other people doing random things. (It’s surprisingly cathartic!) And the one place we love to go is Sonicbox.

Sonicbox is a live streaming platform that showcases some of the web’s coolest, funniest, wackiest and most talented people. Whether you’re into gaming, music, fashion, working out or just interacting and getting to know cool people, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Sonicbox.

We interviewed 5 of Sonicbox’s most popular live streamers, from the up-and-coming to the established. Take a look and see why they love live streaming and just what it takes to build an online audience.




Check out the energetic talk show host duo JoCloud.

1. Why do you prefer live stream to video?

Not to be cliché, but with live stream you get instant interaction with the audience as well as a closer relationship. Usually videos give people a feeling of watching a “star” while a live stream is like watching your friend.

2. How would you describe yourself as a broadcaster?

We have different styles but we would describe ourselves as talented, interesting and energetic. Our channel not only consists of talking and chatting but also singing and doing challenges, sometimes make-up, gaming or exercising. We try to show the audience as much as we can in order to attract different people. We’re not afraid to show our flaws because this is what makes us “real”.

3. What has been the most enjoyable moment so far?

The most enjoyable moment would be watching the chats. Usually in the chat room more than half the people are talking. When they start to talk to each other and express themselves it’s the fun part. Sometimes they fight and argue for their countries, like which one has a stronger football team, and they even ask us broadcasters to give them a second for it!

4. If you could broadcast from anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

I hope we can broadcast live when we travel and show people around the world. We would like to show people the secret unknown places in Hong Kong.

5. What should we expect from your next broadcast?

Our next broadcast is going to be about Hong Kong uni life and girls’ struggles to lose weight. And, yeah, we might try to work out on camera!



Be enthralled by the lively personality of talk show host KannieBobo.

1. What’s so special about broadcasting with Sonicbox?

You can actually get the real figures of how many people are online, you can interact with the viewer and you can bring guests online. It’s less artificial compared to other platforms. Viewers can play with many tools such as sending surprises and joining fan clubs to increase the fun and interaction level.

2. Tell us one hidden talent people don’t know about you.

I like painting…and since I’ve just disclosed it, I’ll try to show it in my show later! Now it’s in a private show only because this is a hidden talent.

3. How would you describe yourself as a broadcaster?

I tend to have a variety of content and like to get different kinds of interesting guests on the show. Thus, I am quite versatile and I have very broad interests, no point for me not sharing everything with you guys!

4. What has been the most enjoyable moment so far?

Some viewers offer very positive and constructive comments and feedback. For instance I invited two Santa Clauses to perform magic; it was really fun. And the other time I invited two girls who are sisters to play Christmas songs, bringing good vibes to the audience. They seemed to like it. So many messages came to me and they had just as much fun as I did I’m sure. Sometimes I work out and I dance in front of the camera as well. It is just really fun when I’m enjoying myself; people know it and they get that too.

5. Tell us one funny experience you had while broadcasting.

One viewer asked me to wriggle my nose.




Tune into the talented musician and singer, JudyYinMusic.

1. What’s so special about broadcasting with Sonicbox?

There are viewers from all around the world who’re able to tune into your chat room to converse and get to know you. It’s a great platform for individuals from various cultures to come together and listen to the universal language of music. There are also fun tools for members to utilise, such as giving broadcasters surprises, voting, and starting a private chat for a more intimate and personal discussion.

2. Tell us one hidden talent people don’t know about you.

I can dance with my eyebrows… Haha!

3. How would you describe yourself as a broadcaster?

I would like to describe myself as someone who any viewer could relate to. I want to be the best musician as I can while delivering the song I am covering and catering to any song or artist request. I want to create a laid back environment with an open forum where viewers feel comfortable expressing anything, whether it is pleasant or not.

4. If you could broadcast from anywhere of the world, where would you choose?

I would love to broadcast from Santorini wearing my sundress and floppy hat while sipping on my frozen mango margarita – living the dream!

5. Tell us the funniest experience you had while broadcasting.

The most fun experience I have had so far was a member feeding me the lyrics to their original song while I composed the melody on the spot and sang it to them – live collaboration at its finest!



Hang out with travel blogger SallyChong and be inspired to explore the world.

1. What’s so special about broadcasting in Sonicbox?

The most special thing about broadcasting in Sonicbox is that you get to talk to people all around the world. I met a chef from Switzerland, a pilot from India, a rail controller from Amsterdam, a restaurant holder from the US…all in my room. You can talk instantly with them, and that’s what makes it so special.

2. Tell us one hidden talent people don’t know about you.

My hidden talent would probably be…there are too many! Haha, just joking. My talent would be writing. Since I am a freelance writer, I need to write well for a living. But then it is difficult to show that on live streaming, right? So if that counts, it is a hidden talent.

3. What has been the most enjoyable moment so far?

The most enjoyable moment would be talking with the audience so much that the time passed so fast and the audience forgot to sleep.

I once had two people in my chat room, one from Spain and one from the US. I haven’t been to these 2 places and they haven’t been to Hong Kong, so we discussed the general income standard, birth rate, tax system and health care in our own country, we even looked up some statistics. It was just like going back to university and doing a cross-country project. And I joked that we should make a PowerPoint to gather all the information. And because of this “project” the person in Spain stayed up until 5am in the morning!

4. Describe Sonicbox in three words.

Instant, interactive, funny.

5. What should we expect from your next broadcast?

Just tune in! I can talk to you about movies, politics, economics, environmental protection, books, music and more. I don’t know what my next broadcast is yet. I always follow my heart and begin with what I observe from everyday life, interesting experiences from my travels or even philosophical lines I read in books. Who knows?



OOHuen is an illustrator and busker from Hong Kong who paints live portraits.

1. What’s so special about broadcasting in Sonicbox?

Sonicbox provides a platform in which to meet other interesting and talented people. When I first started I was so thrilled to see so many other people here and I just couldn’t wait to see their performances as well. Sometimes I go online as an audience member to enjoy just watching others. This really is a great place where we exchange talents with each other.

2. Tell us one hidden talent people don’t know about you.

I play Zen tarot and I am still learning. Maybe you could ask me for readings later! 😛

3. What has been the most enjoyable moment so far?

Drawing live portraits for my viewers and getting inspiration from their lives. You know every time when I do this I just can’t express how amazing it is that technology has changed our lives. We get to know people from miles away and I draw them live. Can you believe that? There really are no limits nowadays. It is more about what we want to share and how we learn from each other. I don’t have to get ideas from other cultures by actually travelling there, rather, I just go online and chat with whoever comes in to tell me about their story.

4. If you could broadcast from anywhere of the world, where would you choose?

I want to broadcast around the world wherever I can see the best view of the sunset. This will be a very romantic thing. I might as well draw while I broadcast, just to make the best out of the moment, so I guess there are many places to choose from, and many of you will be excited about this too I believe.

5. What should we expect from your next broadcast?

I will share my latest drawing and my plan in 2017, so please tune in and get ready for surprises!

So, is your live stream what the world is missing? Inspired to showcase your own talents on Sonicbox? Click here to watch live broadcasts and to start your own live stream now.

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