Hong Kong’s best-kept dim sum secret is in a hidden village

COCONUTS HOT SPOT – Tucked away in a village near Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest peak, is the Duen Kee Tea House, where food is cheap, piping hot and fresh, eaten in the open air, and perhaps best of all: self-serve.

The two-storey family-run restaurant is located in Chuen Lung Village, and boasts covered seating above, indoor seating below, and al fresco dining on its patio that extends into its neighbours’ front doors.

There will be no one taking your order at this place – whether it’s dim sum, vegetables, or tea you’ll have to go and get it yourself.

Don’t think that the food will be lined up on a buffet table with neat labels and low-heat burners to keep it warm: the food is made fresh, comes out when it’s ready, and quickly disappears as hungry patrons scramble for the steaming siu mai (pork and shrimp dumplings) or lo mai gai (glutinous rice filled with chicken and wrapped in lotus leaves). 


Get your roast meat in this corner from this dude. 


When you finish eating, a waiter will come and count up the plates, bowls and bottles on your table to figure out how much you owe.

Fresh lo mai gai ready for eating.

An example of how your table may look at any given point. Expect the samples of foodstuffs to constantly change as food is eaten and replaced.

Ah yes, the beancurd pudding bucket corner: 
Step 1: Open lid.
Step 2: Scoop beancurd pudding from the bucket into your bowl. 

Step 3: Close lid.
Step 3: Add copious amounts of sugar. 
Step 4: Consume! 

Here in the vegetable corner, you wait patiently while she boils your greens in front of your very eyes.

The Hunger Games: Dim Sum.

Here’s another shot of that beancurd pudding for good measure. 

Address: 57-58 Chuen Lung Estate, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan. (Google Maps)

How to get there: Taxi or 80 minibus from Chuen Lung Street / Shiu Wo Street in Tsuen Wan.

Opening hours: 6am – 2pm daily

How much: About HKD60 per person

Photos/Words: Laurel Chor

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